Monday, April 20, 2009

Divine inspiration

Taken at face value, this drawing is sacrilege, but I really think I'm onto something here. So heaven is like a frat, right? It's the chillest frat ever, the one with all the chillest bros and the most jell-o shots at parties. God is the President of the frat. The Holy Spirit is "Community Outreach Chair" or something like that where nobody really knows what he does but he gets a better room than you anyway. And you spend your life pledging this frat and hoping to get initiated. And Jesus is the pledgemaster; he totally wants you to get in, but you have to play by his rules or else you get dropped (Hell... week? No, eternity. Actually, Purgatory is more like hell week in this extended metaphor). He even has his own Greek letters (alpha and omega, fish symbol, chi...), knows how to turn a couple of fish and loaves into a bangin' party, and, according to scripture, his blood alcohol content is 12% - how fratty is that?

I think this would make a sweet t-shirt, a counterpoint to those "Jesus is My Homeboy" shirts (only 3 years too late to be relevant!). Maybe I'll get around to that, or maybe someone with better Adobe Illustrator skills than me can help me out?

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