Monday, July 27, 2009



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Death of a Stegosaurus Part 30

The Science of Death of a Stegosaurus

According to evolutionary biologist and President of Britain's Royal Society, humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas. We share almost 99% of our DNA with chimps, and over half of the 1% difference relates to scent receptors (chimps have more). Unfortunately for chimps, they are not delicious nor filled with 14 vitamins and minerals.

An aside to my nerdier readers: the codons in panel one are switched, so AAC should correspond to Asparagine and ACG should correspond to Threonine.

An aside to my even nerdier readers: The codon on the bottom would actually be UUG (Leucine) because the coding strand would be on the opposite side of the helix.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cuddliest Mother Fluffer

When I visited Orange County with Lila two weeks ago, local surfer/ extreme sports enthusiast EZ-Bake (and her even more xtreme alter ego Ms. Viper) clued me in to some new surf lingo. Apparently, nobody says "surfing the waves" or "shredding the gnar" anymore -- it's "cuddling the fluff." Playing tennis is called "serving the meatballs." And only the biggest badasses around have a 4-square court in their backyard. Seriously, if you go to someone's house and they have a 4-square court, turn around and leave immediately. You couldn't handle the heat.